About Win Store Co., Ltd.
Elevating Myanmar's eCommerce Landscape

Established in 2018, Win Store Co., Ltd. has swiftly become a pioneering force in Myanmar's digital commerce domain. With a lineage tracing back to United Auto Supply Ltd in 1995 and evolving into Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd. in 2004, our commitment to innovation remains unwavering. Today, Win Store harmoniously blends a rich tradition with digital innovation, dedicated to elevating the online shopping experience.

Our Specialized Product Range

Win Store Co., Ltd. is grounded in a strong base of Auto Parts, Machinery Parts, and Steel – serving as the cornerstone of our business. We provide a critical supply of components essential for automotive excellence and industrial prowess, ensuring every sector has access to top-tier machinery and parts for optimal performance.

Expanding beyond our foundational offerings, we’ve grown to include a curated selection of health and beauty products, enriching lives with items that foster wellness and self-care. Our shelves also feature the latest in electronics, keeping pace with the ever-advancing technological needs of our customers.

Visionary Goals & Dedication

Vision: To lead the transformation of online shopping in Myanmar, delivering not just products, but creating joyous and enriching experiences.

Mission: To bridge customers with a diverse world of products, ensuring every interaction with Win Store is rewarding through the marvel of technology.

Core Values

Humility: We cherish our beginnings, embracing the path of continuous learning and evolution.

Commitment: With unwavering resolve, we aim to exceed expectations and actualize excellence in all we do.

Service: Our dedication is profound, with customer satisfaction driving us to deliver unparalleled service.

Rooted in Tradition, Expanding Horizons

From our early days with United Auto Supply Ltd to diversifying into the automotive realm with Win Auto Parts in 2009, Win Store's trajectory has been dynamic and expansive. Our ventures, including international trade, construction materials with Win & Iron Steel, and logistics solutions with Nay Zin Min Logistics, exemplify our versatility and proactive strategy. Each venture has been a step forward in our bold embrace of the digital revolution with Win Store.

Connecting Beyond Commerce

We perceive every purchase as the start of a trusting relationship, underpinned by transparency and community commitment. The Win Store Guarantee and our real-time shipping tracker are more than services; they represent our unwavering pledge of integrity from the moment of engagement to the delivery at your doorstep.

Forge Ahead with Us

Embark on a journey with Win Store Co., Ltd., where every purchase enriches our shared future. Dive into our selection that spans from essential automotive and machinery components to the necessities of health and beauty, as well as the conveniences of modern electronics.

Welcome to Win Store Co., Ltd. — Fusing tradition with innovation, we're not just creating a marketplace; we're fostering a legacy where every choice supports a lifetime of quality and progress.


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